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Dr. Hilario D.G. Lara ( January 15 , 1894 - December 18 , 1987) is regarded as the Father of Modern Public Health in the Philippines.

Career and Contributions

Dr. Hilario Lara has been recognized as the pioneer in Philippine public health research. He devoted over five decades of his life to the study and application of knowledge regarding the epidemiology, prevention, and control of epidemics such as cholera, typhoid, fever, dysentery, measles, and diphtheria in the country.

As acclaimed medical man, Dr. Lara is also the founder of the Institute of Public Health, University of the Philippines. He also organized the first medical library in the country and established Community Health Demonstration Centers all over the country.

For his efforts, Dr. Lara received numerous accolades, including a Plaque of Honor from the Bureau of Health in 1959, and the Aurora Aragon Gold Medal of Merit from the Philippine National Red Cross in 1959. He was conferred as a National Scientist in 1985 by Former President Ferdinand Marcos.


  • MD - University of the Philippines, 1919
  • Master of Public Health - Johns Hopkins University, 1923
  • Doctor of Public Health - Johns Hopkins University, 1924


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