Higanti ng Pag-ibig

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Higanti ng Pag-ibig is a novel written by Rosalia Aguinaldo, a prolific Filipino novelist of the early 20th Century. It takes on the themes of love and revenge, Aguinaldo's favorite themes and the literary trend of the 1930s.


A probinsyana, or a naive and innocent lass from the province, Irene is easily charmed and seduced by Serafin, a lawyer. The man, however, leaves Irene for a rich woman whom he marries. Irene soon falls in love with a rich landowner. The two meet again, and this time, Irene hopes to take revenge on Serafin by exposing his darkest secret. Being forgiving and gentle in nature, Irene ends up saving Serafin.


The first decade of American Occupation saw the publication of numerous Tagalog novels dealing with the theme of love in junction with various other themes like betrayal, war, poverty, and revenge. The last became most prominent in the 1930s and was a staple in the plot of novels of love published as books and as serials in Liwayway and Sampagita magazines. The innocent yet good-natured probinsyana was a prevalent stereotype, along with the "citified" character (lawyer/painter/poet) and the deceitful and plotting villain from the city.

Similar novels from the earlier periods include Ninay, Pag-ibig at Paghihiganti, Mga Anak-Bukid, and Ipaghiganti Mo Ako...!

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