Hati Tayo sa Magdamag

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Hati Tayo sa Magdamag is a komiks novel serialized in the pages of Extra Special Komiks from 1987-1988. It was written by komiks editor and children's book writer Sally Eugenio and illustrated by Nestor Malgapo[1].


Hati Tayo sa Magdamag tells the story of three childhood friends Gerry, Antonette and Rochelle and how their friendship was destroyed by bitter rivalries. Gerry is an opportunist, a man with great ambitions. Rochelle is a kind, loving and beautiful girl coming from a poor family. They are friends with Antonette, an attractive, seductive and cunning woman who would not think twice in using her family's riches to get what she wants. Even though the three belong to different strata in the society, they considered their friendship true, until Antonette tried to woo Gerry into her arms using her riches. Unknown to Antonette, Gerry is romantically involved with Rochelle and the two would consummate their love in one passionate night. Rochelle became pregnant, a fact that she could not hide from her mother who had fierce objections regarding the relationship. One fateful night, Rochelle's mother caught her daughter vomiting, and a furious fight ensued. The fight awoke Rochelle's father who had a disease, and out of shock, the man fell on the floor and died. Rochelle's mother blamed the whole accident on Rochelle and she eventually disowned her daughter. Antonette, as if putting that one final blow on Gerry's relationship with Rochelle, took Rochelle into her family's mansion as a househelp and treated her unjustly. To complicate things, Antonette's father, Don Teofilo, had fallen in love with Rochelle, to the point that he was ready to leave his paralytic wife just to be with Rochelle.

Other Media

The story of "Hati Tayo sa Magdamag" was adapted by Viva Films into film in 1988[2]. The movie was helmed by director Lupita Aquino-Kashiwahara and starred Edu Manzano as Gerry, Jacklyn Jose as Rochelle, Tetchie Agbayani as Antonette, Caridad Sanchez as Pilang, Eddie Rodriguez as Don Teofilo, Armida Siguion-Reyna as Donya Concha and Francis Magalona as Arthur. The movie reaped accolades from the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) as Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress for Jacklyn Jose, Best Screenplay for Armando Lao and Best Musical Scoring for Mon del Rosario. It also received a citation from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS), nominating Armida Siguion-Reyna for Best Supporting Actress in recognition of her portrayal of Donya Concha[3].

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