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Hari sa Hari, Lahi sa Lahi (alternatively titled King and Emperor) is a 1987 joint production of the Philippines and China, directed by late National Artist for Film Eddie Romero, Xiao Lang, and Lili Chou. This epic film set in the 14th century depicts the friendship between the Chinese Emperor Yong Le and the King of Sulu, Paduka Pahala. Based on the Ming Dynasty Annals and Philippine history records, this film is the first co-production venture between the Philippines and China.


During the Ming dynasty, China was a stable and prosperous country. Emperor Zhudi (Wang Xinggang) pursued enlightened domestic laws and peaceful foreign policies. Encouraged by China's friendliness, the King of Sulu (Vic Vargas) is keen for a visit. Overcoming many challenges on the long and often hazardous journey, he finally arrives in China.

Complications occur. Plotters in both Sulu and Chinese attempt to destroy the diplomatic mission. After a prolonged investigation, the plots are foiled and the Emperor of China and the Kingof Sulu cement the new relationship between their countries. Tragically, just prior to returning home, the King of Sulu dies in China.




Hari sa Hari, Lahi sa Lahi premiered in August 1987 at the Manila Film Center.[2]

Billed as Asia's answer to Bernardo Bertolucci's The Last Emperor, the film lived up to expectations production-wise, but suffered from poor distribution. Very few saw the movie except in film festivals, such as the Hawaii Film Fest.

It was shown in a special screening in 2004 to celebrate the Flilipino-Chinese Friendship Day. In a speech, then Ambassador of China to the Philippines Wang Chungui called the screening "significant" and showed how the relationship between the two nations had strengthened.[3]

It was also re-exhibited in 2017 on the 600th anniversary of Sulu Sultan Paduka Pahala's visit to Ming Dynasty Emperor Yong Le in China.[4]


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