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Halimuyak is a novel written by Alberto Segismundo Cruz and was published in 1946. It talks about the negative effects of modernization on denizens of a poor city.[1]


The novel talks of the plans of remaking a place called Kabulusan into an urban area. Many of the houses on the brink of being demolished have been standing there for decades. The change in lifestyle are only two of the effects of what is planned to be done for the city.[1]

Neong, the protagonist of the novel, suggests the women in their area befriend the engineers assigned to put up railroads in their place and try to persuade them to not push through with their project. Angel, a supervisor at the modernization project, falls in love with Aning, who happens to be the same object of affection as Neong.

The plan to put up railroads in Kabulusan succeed and some of the townsfolk are persuaded to work for the company managing the construction of the railroads. Because of this and other unfortunate events, the bond of the community, which used to be strong, starts to unravel.

A resident is killed in a train accident and Neong is held responsible even if he is innocent. Because of this, he begins to doubt himself and other people. He is also psychologically disturbed by the possibility that Aning might marry Angel.

At the end of the story, the culprit is revealed and Neong recovers after he is proven innocent. Meanwhile, Aning refuses to marry Angel and enters a convent.


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