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Halakhak Komiks is the first regulary published Philippine komiks-magazine in 1946. It was by Isaac Tolentino and Atty. Jaime Lucas.


After the war an unemployed cartoonist, Isaac Tolentino suggested to Atty. Jaime Lucas, owner of Universal Bookstore the idea of publishing “funnies”, a regular comic book, that would be timely to make people laugh after the grim destruction brought about by the recent war. During that time, no one had thought of publishing a regularly-issued comic book before. Atty. Lucas gathered enough funds - mostly from his personal money and loans from banks - for the initial printing. While Tolentino gathered some of his pre-war cartoonist friends, which included the brothers Tony and Damy Velasquez J. M. Perez, Elmer Abustan, Gene Cabrera, Francisco Coching, Liborio Gatbonton, Fred Carillo, Francisco Reyes, Jose Zabala Santos, Hugo Yonzon, Larry Alcala, Pedro Coniconde and Lib Abrena. Since they had no printing press, they assigned Carmelo and Bauermann Company to print the 10,000 initial issues of Halakhak Komiks #1 and established its main office at #665 Evangelista, Quiapo, Manila.

The Halakhak had 42 pages at the initial price of 25 centavos printed on a smaller usual size, about the size of a half of long bond paper due to shortage of paper. The following issues were made into the regular-sized komiks, and was priced at 40 centavos.

The company succeed but in its later issues but it began to have financial problems and it never recovered stability. Halakhak lasted only ten issues after that the company closed shop because of its financial loss due to uncollected debt. Publishing comics for nationwide distribution requires to have an effective distribution network, something Atty. Lucas and Tolentino did not have.

This eventually became the ultimate problem since many agents did not pay their obligation, even when the komiks had been sold out. Unfortunately Atty. Lucas was forced to close the company. Thus, the Halakhak, which meant laughter, and was highly successful in giving laughter to its readers, failed to give laughter to its publisher.

Comic Strips

  • “Mga Hindi Sukat Akalain, Geslani” by Isaac Tolentino
  • “Eto na si Tibo” by Gene Cabrera
  • “Si Pino” by Jose Zabala Santos
  • “Talahib” by Francisco Reyes
  • “Doon daw sa Langit” by Liborio “Gat” Gatbonton
  • “Bulalakaw” by Francisco V. Coching
  • “Kidlat” by Jesse Santos and Damy Velasquez
  • “Kasikoy” by A. I Roullo
  • “Binong Lambanog” by Nolasco “Noly” Panaligan
  • “Enyong Bohemyo” by Cris Caguintuan
  • “Teryong Alat” by Hugo Yonzon (Father of Hugo Yonzon III of Mango Comics)
  • “Indo” by Maning de Leon


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