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Sultan Gugu Sarikula (alternative spellings Salikula or Salikura, reigned 1585-1597) was the fifth sultan of Maguindanao in the Philippines.[1] Sarikula was a direct descendant of Sharif Kabungsuwan, the first sultan of Maguindanao.[1][2] He was the son of Sultan Bangkaya with his Matampay wife.[2][3] Sarikula also had half brothers, Dimasangcay Adel and Buisan, who also reigned as sultans of Maguindanao before and after him.[2][3]

Sarikula was involved in a power struggle with Buisan, which ended on him being ousted by his younger brother to Sulu in 1597.[4]

Sarikula married Raja Putri, one of the daughters (or a sister) of Sultan Muwallil Wasit (Rajah Bongsu) from the Sulu Sultanate.[4][5] Their daughter Putri Mampey married her first cousin, Sultan Kudarat, the son of Buisan.[5]

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