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Glenda Rosales Barretto is a famed restaurateur and writer. Her cookbooks are renowned for her recipes. She established Via Mare, which is considered Manila's most famous seafood restaurant. She is considered the hardest working restaurateur, keeping long hours while overseeing catering side, new product development (Mrs. B's noodles and Redi-Feast), and writing cookbooks

She was president of the Restaurant Division of the Hotel & Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP). SHe is a member of L'Orde Mondial de Gourmets Degustateurs (Paris), the National Restaurant Association USA, the Asean Hotel and Restaurant Association, Les Chaine de Rotisseurs Baillage National de Philippines and the Les Tóques Blanches Philippines. Currently she is chief executive officer of Via Mare Catering Services, Inc., President & Chief Executive Officer of Pizza Inn Philippines and Sunrise Restaurant of the Philippines and President of Pagsanjan Rapids Hotel in Laguna.

SHe has received three silver medals from the International Menu Competition at the NRA in Chicago and the Restaurateur of the Year Award in 1986 given by the HRAP. She was the first Filipino invited to be a panel judge for the prestigious Bocuse d'Or Culinary Competition International.