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Gigantes is an annual celebration held in the town of Lucban, Quezon featuring giant papier-mâché puppets. Held yearly on August 19, the festival started out as part of the Corazon de Jesus celebration, which honors the sacred heart of Jesus.


The origin of the festival dates back to Spanish colonial rule, around the late 1800s where the wealthy ruling class usually were hacienderos[1] who owned huge lands. The hardworking common people, who disliked the hacienderos, rendered the papier-mâché giants to look like the hacienderos, mocking the owners throughout the festivity. The giant puppets depict a man or woman in multiple costumes, with their faces making commands, while their hands on their waist.

Giant Papier-Mâché

Every year, the townsfolk trot out their beloved gigantes or giants. Measuring about 14 feet tall, the giants come in pairs, the mag-asawa or couple -- a giant man dressed in the peasant's camisa chino or undershirt, and his wife clad in the native patadyong and kimona, a loose skirt topped with a flimsy blouse. Made from papier mache, the giants are borne on shoulders by their makers A panata is made in return for a favor received. This festivity is shared by Lucban with the town of Angono, Rizal, which observes it annually in November.




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