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George Arthur Malcolm (b. November 5, 1881 - d. May 16, 1961) was a young American lawyer who practiced his career in the Philippines. He was a very influential figure in the development of the law practice in the country. He was appointed as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (SC). Through his efforts, the College of Law at the University of the Philippines (UP) was established. He was an author of several books and periodicals about his stay and experiences in the country.

He was married to Lucille Margarett Wolf, and was gifted with one daughter named Mary MacKenzie.

Early Life

He was born in Concord, Michigan to Byron Daytona and Carrie MacKenzie Malcolm. He was a graduate of A.B. degree at the University of Michigan and law at the same institution.

Public Servant in the Philippines

After his graduation from the University of Michigan, George Malcolm immediately served in the Philippines as a clerk in the Executive Bureau. He was also a lawyer in the Attorney General's office. Inspite of the resistance from the Board of Regents of the university, he succeeded in establishing a College of Law at the University of the Philippines and became the dean until 1917. When President Woodrow Wilson appointed him to the Supreme Court of the Philippines. While serving as as associate justice he witnessed the inauguration of the Philippine Commonwealth. He was the Legal Adviser of the United States High Commissioner.

Books Written

  • American Colonial Careerist: Half Century of Official Life and Personal Experience in the Philippines and Puerto Rico. Boston: Chritopher Pub. House, 1957.
  • Cases on Constitutional Law. Manila: Lawyers Cooperative, 1936.
  • The Commonwealth of the Philippines. New York: Application Century, 1936.
  • Constitutional Law of the Philippines Islands Together With Certain Studies in Field of Comparative Constitutional Law. Manila: Lawyers Cooperative, 1926.
  • First Malayan Republic: The Story of the Philippines. Boston: Christopher Pub. House, 1951.
  • Legal Ethics. Manila: Oriental Commercial, 1923.
  • Legal and Judicial Ethis Adopted for the Philippines. Manila: Lawyers Cooperative, 1949.
  • Municipal Code and Provincial Government Act. Compiled, edited and annotated by G. Malcolm. Manila. Bureau of Printing, 1911.
  • Philippine Civics: A Textbook for Schools of the Philippines. 3rd rev. ed. New York: Application & Co., 1924.
  • Philippine Government by G.A. Malcolm and Maximo M. Kalaw. Boston: D.C. Health & Co., 1932.
  • Revised Ordinances of the City of Manila. Compiled, revised and annotated by G.A. Malcolm. Manila; Bureau of Printing, 1908.


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Later Years

After serving at the Supreme Court of the Philippines, and the U.S. High Commissioners, he was appointed as Attorney-General of Puerto Rico. After a dispute with Governor Rexford Tuwell in 1942, he later settled in his native land and made occasional visits to the Philippines. On May, 1961, he died at the age of 79, in Los Angeles.


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