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The Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines is an organization of Geodetic Engineers in the Philippines that gives assistance to their members for the advancement of their field of expertise.

Vision and Mission

The organization was open to all Geodetics licensed-engineers, and these members were to realize the vision and mission for the organization. They envision "a professional organization imbued with strength that is responsive to the needs of its members and the general public." In line with this vision of the organization is their mission, which is "to strengthen its database of associates and pool of linkages in pursuit of its noble objectives and excellence that will ultimately promote economic and social benefits to its members and to the general public."

Also, the organization has its vision and mission that they pursue. These were:


  • The advancement of knowledge in the practice of Geodetic Engineering
  • Safeguarding the professional interests of the members
  • Fostering and maintenance of high ideals of its members
  • Fellowship and camaraderie
  • Cooperation with the government, non-government and other civil society groups for the national development programs and projects.

(Taken From the GEP By-Laws, Article 1, Section 3)


  • To organize, operate and maintain a duly integrated and government accredited national organization of Geodetics Engineers.
  • To formulate and develop competency-based education and training programs.
  • To enforce the Code of Ethics.
  • To formulate and adopt standards of practice of geodetic engineering.
  • To forge and maintain partnership with other organizations in carrying the national development programs and projects.
  • To prepare and disseminate learning and other information materials relevant to the practice.
  • To acquire assets needed for the objectives of the Organization.
  • To perform other thrusts consistent with their objectives.

(Taken From the GEP By-Laws, Article 1, Section 4)


The Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines had created several programs that will support their stated vision and mission, these are:

  • GEP Academy
  • Medical Assistance
  • Scholarships
  • Monitoring of Active GEP Members




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