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Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan Awards or GAMABA is an award that acknowledges folk and indigenous artists who, despite the modern times, remain true to their traditions. It is administered by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) through Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan Committee.

GAMABA began as a project of the Philippine Rotary Club Makati-Ayala. In 1992, it was adopted by the government and institutionalized through Republic Act No. 7335. This award aims to support and motivate these artists to preserve their artistic heritage for the present and future generations. These artists are also recognized as the country's National Living Treasures.

  • 2005
Darhata Sawabi is a Tausug weaver of pis syabit - the traditional cloth tapestry worn as a head cover.
Eduardo Mutuc is an artist from Apalit, Pampanga who has dedicated his life to creating religious and secular art in silver, bronze, and wood.
Haja Amina Appi is recognized as a master mat weaver among the Sama indigenous community for her unique designs, straightness of her edging (tabig), and fineness of her sasa and kima-kima.

  • 2000
Alonzo Saclag is a Kalinga master of dance and the performing arts who mastered not only the Kalinga musical instruments but also the dance patterns and movements associated with his people’s ritual.
Federico Caballero is a Sulod-Bukidnon epic chanter from Kalinog, Iloilo who ceaselessly works for the documentation of the oral literature, particularly the epics, of his people.
Uwang Ahadas is a Yakan musician who is a master of the kwintangan, kayu, and tuntungan instruments.

  • 1998
Lang Dulay is a T'boli traditional weaver of "tinalak" or T'boli cloth made of colorful abaca fabrics.
Salinta Monon is a Tagabanwa-Bagobo traditional weaver of distinct abaca fabrics called inabal.

  • 1993
Ginaw Bilog is a Hanunoo Mangyan poet who is considered as a master of the Ambahan poetry.
Masino Intaray is a prolific and pre-eminent epic chanter and story teller recognized for his outstanding mastery of various traditional musical instruments of the Palaw'an people- such as basal, kulilal and bagit.
Samaon Sulaiman is an acclaimed kutyapi master and teacher of this instrument and is also proficient in kulintang, agong, gandingan, palendag, and tambul.


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