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GABRIELA, the General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership, and Action, is an organization of Filipino women that advocates women's issues. Named in honor of Gabriela Silang, who led a revolt against Spain in the second half of the 18th century, GABRIELA was founded in 1984. Its electoral wing is the Gabriela Women's Party which has two Representatives in the 14th Congress, Luzviminda C. Ilagan, and Liza Maza.


Due to the need for political and economic change during the martial law years, 42 women's organizations united to establish the GABRIELA coalition. Currently, GABRIELA numbers among its members 250 women's organizations, institutes, desks, and programs, and women from all walks of life.


GABRIELA is a network of grassroots organizations, institutions, and programs. Its members take an active stance on issues of human rights, poverty, globalization, militarism, violence, health, sex trafficking, and other issues affecting women.

GABRIELA has regional chapters in Metro Manila, Cordillera Administrative Region, and Mindanao; sub-regional chapters in Negros, Panay and Samar; and provincial chapters in Bicol and Cebu. It established its first overseas chapter, GABRIELA USA, in the United States in March of 2009.

Organizational Structure

    • National Assembly - the highest policy making body, responsible for drawing up the organization's general program of action, the election of national officers and the amendments of the organization's Constitution and By-Laws. It is convened every two years and participated in by representatives of member organizations.

   • National Council - the next decision-making body of the organization, responsible for particularizing the program of action drawn up by the Assembly. Composed of the national coordinating committee members and regional representatives, sectoral representatives and commission coordinators, it is convened in between National Assembly meetings.

   • National Coordinating Committee - composed of nine elected officers of the organization, it ensures and monitors the implementation of decisions or resolutions arrived at by the National Assembly and the National Council. It also directly supervises the National Secretariat and the commissions of GABRIELA.

   • National Secretariat - directly responsible for the day-to-day implementation and coordination of the plan of actions. It is composed of the Secretary-General, the coordinators and the staff of the different departments under the National Office.


   • Campaigns Department - Coordinates campaigns and all-women actions launched by GABRIELA on women's issues. Its all-women performing group, SINING-LILIA, uses popular cultural methods in educating the public on women's issues.

   • Public Information Department - Develops and executes media strategies to raise public awareness and support for women's issues. It currently addresses issues on violence against women, including women empowerment and support systems for victims and their families. Among its activities are:

       ◦ Community-based education sessions;

       ◦ Publication of educational and informational materials on violence against women;

       ◦ Street campaigns against various issues relating to violence against women;

       ◦ Counselling sessions with survivors of violence (rape, incest, wife-beating, sexual harassment, etc.) and referrals to medical practitioners and lawyers;

       ◦ Organizing of prostituted women, survivors of violence and their families as well as advocates against violence on women; and

       ◦ Organizing networks of lawyers and medical practitioners to provide services to women victims.

   • Women's Rights and Services Department - Aims to protect and promote women's political rights; responds to women's complaints against human rights violation. Its direct beneficiaries are women political prisoners, internal refugees and other women in highly militarized areas who are victims and survivors of civil and political rights violation. Among its activities are:

       ◦ Direct services to women political prisoners (WPPs) and women internal refugees (WIRs) and other women in highly militarized areas such as:

           ▪ camp visitations

           ▪ food

           ▪ medical aid

           ▪ legal and psychological aid

           ▪ transportation aid

           ▪ temporary shelter

       ◦ Research, documentation and fact finding missions on the state of violence against women;

       ◦ Publication of fact-finding mission results, researches, and case studies;

       ◦ Campaigns on WPPs and WIRs;

       ◦ Networking with local and international human rights organizations; and

       ◦ Community-based education and trainings on Basic Human Rights.

   • Women's Health and Welfare Department - Aims to promote and protect women's health and reproductive rights, and seeks to raise consciousness on women's health issues. Among its activities are:

       ◦ Advocacy and campaigns on health and reproductive rights of women;

       ◦ Awareness raising through education, fora, meetings, and media;

       ◦ Direct services such as counseling, medical services for women and children, and referrals to other health institutions; and

       ◦ Support services such as health training, researches on women's health issues, publication and dissemination of information on women's reproductive and basic health care methods.

   • International Relations Department - Links with women's organizations worldwide and facilitates the Women's Solidarity Affair in the Philippines (WISAP). Its activities include:

       ◦ Development education through hosting of study/exposure visits, international exchanges, and sponsoring lectures, fora, film showings on urgent issues affecting women on an international level, etc.

       ◦ Organizing and sponsoring special projects and solidarity conferences such as the Women's International Solidarity Affair in the Philippines (WISAP);

       ◦ Publication of GABRIELA International Update; and

       ◦ Linking with GABRIELA solidarity organizations, support groups, migrant Filipinas, and other women's groups and international networks abroad.

   • Administration and Finance Department - Handles the finances and makes sure that the organization's day-to-day functions run smoothly.


Among GABRIELA's members are the following organizations:

   • AMIHAN - a national federation of peasant women concerned with agrarian reform issues and advocating the right of peasant women to own land

   • Kilusan ng Manggagawang Kababaihan (KMK) or Women Workers' Movement - a movement uniting women workers advocating better wages and dealing with other labor issues concerning women. It initiates the formation of women's committees in trade unions and worker's federations, linking up with the [Kilusang Mayo Uno] Movement (KMU).

   • Samahan ng Malayang Kababaihan (SAMAKANA) or Association of United and Free Women - a nationwide federation of women from urban poor communities, concerned with issues confronting urban poor women, including domestic violence

   • GABRIELA Youth

   • Inabuyog - an alliance of indigenous women's organizations in the Cordillera, concerned with the rights of indigenous women to their ancestral domain and against development aggression.

   • GABRIELA Bulacan - Central Luzon chapter

   • BICOLANA - Bicol Region chapter

   • SAGUPA-SB - Leyte/Samar Region chapter

   • Women's Development Center - Bohol chapter

   • GABRIELA Cebu - Cebu chapter

   • GABRIELA Negros - Negros chapter

   • GABRIELA Panay - Panay chapter

   • WINZAM - Western Mindanao Region chapter

   • GABRIELA SOCSARGEN - Far Southern Mindanao chapter

   • BUKAS - Eastern Mindanao chapter

   • GABRIELA DAVAO - Southern Mindanao chapter

   • Center for Women's Resources

Contact Information

   • Postal Address: P.O. Box 4386, Manila 2800 Philippines Office

   • Office Address: 35 Scout Delgado, Roxas District 1103 Quezon City, Philippines

   • Telephones: (632) 371 2302, (632) 374 3451, (632) 374 3452

   • Fax: (632) 374 4423

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