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French Consular Dispatches on the Philippine Revolution is translated by Ma. Luisa T. Cagamay, chairman of the University of the Philippines's Department of History.[1] This book details the nationwide impact of the Philippine Revolution of 1896 and the participation of Filipinos in the struggle against Spanish colonialism. It was published by the UP Press in cooperation with the university’s Office of the Chancellor in 1997.

About the book

This volume contains a translation of selected dispatches of the French consuls assigned to the Philippines during the Philippine Revolution. The consular dispatches span the period of 1896-1901.[1]

The French consular dispatches provide a first-hand account of the dynamics prevailing then among the Filipinos (who were referred to as “insurgents” in the dispatches), the Spaniards (who were preparing to leave a colony they held for more than 300 years) and the Americans (who were preparing to administer a colony).

The dispatches contain insights and observations made in the dispatches of consuls, such as Consul Berard, who took their task seriously.

The accounts of the French consuls often reveal information not often mentioned in stranded sources of the Philippine Revolution. They also illustrate the Filipinos’ dedication to gain independence no matter how elusive it was at the time.


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