Francisco Roman

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Francisco Roman
4 October 1869 – 5 June 1899
Place of birth: Alcala, Cagayan
Place of death: Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija
Father: Jose Roman
Mother: Pelagia Velasquez
Spouse: Juliana Piqueras

Francisco Roman (4 October 1869 – 5 June 1899) was a tobacco manufacturer and a soldier and a close aide of General Antonio Luna during the Revolution.

Early life and education

Roman was born on 4 October 1869 in Alcala, Cagayan. His parents were Jose Roman, a Spaniard, and Pelagia Velasquez, a Tagalog. His father was a businessman who was granted a license by the Spanish government to take part in the tobacco monopoly system in Cagayan. The business did well that the older Roman soon built a tobacco factory in Manila.

Roman studied at the Ateneo de Manila but he never finished a course in the said university. He was sent to Hong Kong and enrolled in a business school.

As a businessman

Roman took over his father’s business when the latter died in the early 1890s. He transferred the factory to Ilaya Street from Tanduay Street and renamed it “La Commercial.” He ran the business until the August 1896 revolution.

Taking part in the revolution

Roman volunteered as a member of the cavalry during the Revolution of 1896 to remove suspicion of his complicity with the uprising. However, he later enlisted as a soldier for the revolutionary government during the Filipino-American war. He also helped the cause by donating money from his own pocket.

In February 1899, Roman was part of the army that drove the Americans back to Azcarraga Street in Caloocan City. Then, he was called to the quartermaster office and served as close aide of Antonio Luna. He never left the general’s side especially throughout their battles in Central Luzon. He was given the rank of colonel.

On 5 June 1899, Roman was with Luna at a convent in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. The two were summoned by Emilio Aguinaldo for a meeting on urgent matters. Roman rushed to Luna’s side after an assassin stabbed and shot the general. He was also stabbed and shot to death.

Roman’s body was buried beside that of Luna’s in the Cabanatuan Cemetery. Attempts to exhume his remains proved to be unsuccessful as only Luna’s remains were recovered.

Family and Personal Life

Roman was married to Juliana Piqueras who bore him two children named Juan and Carmen. He was a first cousin of Jose Palma and Rafael Palma.


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