Francisco Osorio

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Francisco Osorio
4 October 1863 – 12 September 1896
Place of birth: Cavite
Place of death: Fort San Felipe, Cavite
Father: Antonio Osorio (Tan Kim Ko)
Mother: Petrona Reyes
Spouse: Soledad Agustin (First Wife); Consuelo Garcia (Second Wife)

Francisco Osorio (4 October 1863 – 12 September 1896) was a businessman and was one of the Thirteen Martyrs of Cavite.

Early life and education

Osorio was born on 4 October 1863 in Cavite. His father, Antonio Osorio, was a Christianized Chinese originally named Tan Kim Ko. The older Osorio was a businessman and was a partner of Mariano Limjap’s father. Later on, Antonio Osorio established his own firm and named it the Yek Tok Lin & Co. He also opened a cattle ranch in Silang, Cavite. Later on, he went into the shipping business and became an agent of Ynchausti & Co. which provided materials for the armory in Cavite. Osorio’s father was regarded as the wealthiest man in Cavite during his time. His mother was Petrona Reyes.

Osorio studied at the Ateneo de Manila University and took a course in accounting although it is not known whether he finished the course or not.


Early on, Osorio helped in his father's business by buying coffee and abaca from Caviteño growers. Then, he accepted contract jobs for the Cavite arsenal and later became his father’s cashier.

Osorio was a member of the Katipunan chapter in the province, but it was not verified whether or not he was a mason. Alfonso de Ocampo mentioned him as among the leaders who planned a revolution against the Spanish government in their hometown. He and Maximo Inocencio was charged with the acquisition of arms. He was sentenced to death by a firing squad in Fort San Felipe. Twelve others were sentenced to death on 12 September 1896 namely: his brother-in-law Luis Aguado, Eugenio Cabezas, Feliciano Cabuco, Agapito Conchu, Alfonso de Ocampo, Maximo Gregorio, Maximo Inocencio, Jose Lallana, Severino Lapidario, Victoriano Luciano, Hugo Perez, and Antonio San Agustin. His bones were placed in a vault and kept in the Porta Vaga Church in Cavite City.

Family and personal life

Osorio was married twice. By his first wife, Soledad San Agustin, he had one daughter named Soledad. By his second wife, Consuelo Garcia, he had a son whom they named Francisco.




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