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Francisco Javier (or Xavier) de la Torre was the acting Governor-General of the Philippines from 10 February 1764 to 6 July 1765.[1]


Torre was a military officer before he was appointed as acting governor-general.[2]

With the death of Archbishop Manuel Antonio Rojo del Rio in 1764, Torre was appointed as acting Governor-General.[3] He was also given the title teniente del rey (king’s lieutenant) by the Viceroy of Nueva España (Mexico).[4] He began his term of office on 17 March 1764.[5]

His appointment as acting governor-general ended a three-cornered conflict between the supporters of Simon de Anda, Nueva Segovia Bishop Bernardo de Ustariz, OP, and Real Audiencia magistrate Francisco Enriquez de Villacorta over who should succeed Archbishop Rojo as the Governor-General.[6] His appointment also ended the tradition of appointing prelates as acting governors-general of the archipelago, with Archbishop Rojo being the last prelate to be appointed in the said position.[7] Archbishop Francisco de la Cuesta was the first prelate to be appointed as acting governor-general.[8]

During his term of office, the invading British left Manila after peace was restored between Spain and Great Britain.[9] He was concerned about the restoration of peace and order in the archipelago.[10] He found out that Anda properly managed the finances of the archipelago, and that he was able turn over two million pesos to him.[11]

Torres continued to govern as acting Governor-General until the arrival of Governor-General José Antonio Raón y Gutiérrez in July 1765.[12]


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