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This article reminisces films on Philippine history that are almost forgotten – the oldies but goodies. The following are stories WE want to hear – the voices of the heroes and villains of war, portrayed by the country's best actors and actresses.

  1. Los Ultimos de Filipinas (1945) – This historical film immortalizes the Siege of Baler - capturing the sacrifices, utmost cries and heroic deeds of the Filipinos in their battle for Iberian sovereignty. Starred by renowned actors and actresses of the 1940s, this film is a must see! (Language:Spanish)
  2. Guerilyera (1946) – A film about the guerrilla movement in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, this commemorates Filipinas who, with their husbands, fathers and sons, fought for Philippine independence. The cast includes prewar actor and actress, Cesar Balatazar, and Carmen Rosales.
  3. Death March (1946) – This film is a historic portrayal of the most thrilling episode in the Filipinos' struggle for freedom and democracy – the Bataan Death March. Under the direction of Lamberto V. Avellana, Death March 1946 starred famous actors and actresses of their time, Leopoldo Salcedo, Norma Blancaflor and Narding Anzures.
  4. Padre Burgos (1949) – A story by Pedrito Reyes, this film reenacts the martyrdom of the Gomburza, high-lighting the events and occurrences prior to their execution. The movie focuses on the story of Fr. Jose Burgos and his involvement in the Cavite Mutiny of 1972. The casts consist of matinee idol of the 1950's, Jaime de la Rosa, Efren Reyes and Virginia Montes.
  5. Dugo ng Katipunan (1949) – This film catches the very essence of the Filipino revolutionaries' fight for independence, particularly the Katipunan secret society. Under Premiere Productions, this film features big stars like Anita Linda, Efren Reyes, Oscar Keese, Lopito, Fred Santos and Ramon D' Salva.
  6. Hen. Gregorio del Pilar – Bayani sa Pasong Tirad (1949) - starred by Jose Padilla, Jr. and Tessie Quintana, this film commemorates the struggles faced by the young general, Gregorio del Pilar, during the Philippine Revolution. This is under the production of LVN Pictures.
  7. Mapuputing Kamay (1950) – This film is a story of the Filipina nurses who showed dedication in attempting to cure the wounded soldiers fighting in the battles in Bataan and Corregidor. It starred Pancho Magalona, Alicia Vergel, Lilian Leonardo and Tessie Martinez.
  8. Diego Silang (1951) – This movie captures the core and colorful saga of the famous Ilocano hero – Diego Silang. This was directed by Gerardo de Leon under Premier Productions.
  9. Dagohoy (1953) – Dedicated to the valiant Boholano hero Francisco Dagohoy, this film shows the real causes that impelled the Dagohoy Uprising. It was shot in the same location where the said uprising took place – in the historical province of Bohol. The cast includes Tessie Quintana, Rosa Rosal and Mario Montenegro playing the character of Dagohoy.
  10. Heneral Paua (1956) – This movie highlights the story of General Paua, a Chinese official, who helped the Philippines in its struggle for liberty. It starred Danilo Montes and Cynthia Zamora, and was serialized over DZBC radio station.



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