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Here is a list of outstanding Filipino scientists:


  • Maxima J. Acelajado - Noted for her outstanding researches on upgrading mathematics teaching in the Philippines
  • Teresita P. Acevedo - Renowned for her involvement with engineering and industrial research
  • Luz P. Acosta - Distinguished for her work in immunology concerning schistosomiasis
  • Teodoro A. Agoncillo - Essayist and poet; renowned for promoting Nationalist Historiography
  • Abelardo Aguilar - A Filipino doctor who co-created the drug called erythromycin
  • Angel Alcala - Internationally known for his contributions on the fields of community ecology, biogeography, and systematics of amphibians and reptiles.
  • Arturo Alcaraz - Considered as the Philippines' Father of Geothermal Energy Development
  • Arcelia A. Alejar - A dedicated Filipino scientist and researcher in the field of the Biological Sciences
  • Romeo Alicbusan - His studies focused on developing biotechnology for the use of locals in rural areas
  • Leoncio A. Amadore - Noted for his contributions in Earth Science
  • Estrella F. Alabastro - The first woman and 11th secretary of the Department of Science and Technology


  • Narceo Bajet - A distinguished pathologist noted for his work in plant genetics
  • Clare R. Baltazar - The author of the Philippine Insects
  • Julian Banzon - National Scientist noted for his researches on Alternative Fuels
  • Ernesto Baron - TV personality, famously known as The Walking Encyclopedia
  • Luz Oliveros Belardo - National Scientist in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Allan B.I. Bernardo - Recognized for his original contributions to the field of cognitive science
  • Josette T. Biyo - First Filipina and first Asian to win the Intel Excellence Teaching Award in 2002


  • Benjamin Cabrera - Filipino physician who has done enormous research on medical parasitology and public health
  • Solita Camara-Besa - First Filipina to specialize in physiology and biochemistry
  • Jorge Camara - First to perform a teleoophthalmology operation in the Philippines
  • Filomena F. Campos - Renowned botanist who is known for her contributions to cotton research in the Philippines
  • Paulo C. Campos - Spearheaded the establishment of the first radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines
  • Magdalena C. Cantoria - Pharmacist who researched on morphology, physiology and biochemistry of drug plants
  • Alejandro Casambre - Educator who is recognized for his pioneering contributions in the field of speech communication
  • Gelia T. Castillo - Outstanding Filipino Rural Sociologist
  • Alendry Caviles - Filipino physician who is noted for his research in hematology and immunology
  • Josefino Comiso - Filipino physicist who is noted for his studies about global warming
  • Gisela P. Concepcion - Lauded for her outstanding and creative research on marine microorganisms
  • Roberto Coronel - Renowned agricultural scientist
  • Onofre D. Corpuz - Filipino scientist who is noted for his contributions to the fields of political science, and Philippine social and economic history
  • Lourdes Cruz- A National Scientist who is noted for her contributions to the field of biochemistry


  • Maria Corazon de Ungria - Recognized for her contributions in forensic DNA technology
  • Vincent Ricardo M. Daria - Recognized for his contributions in photonics and electro-optic instrumentation research
  • Fabian M. Dayrit - Famous for his studies on the phytochemistry of well-known Philippine medicinal plants
  • Emerita De Guzman - Noted for her research on the propagation of pure makapuno trees
  • Fortunato T. Dela Peña - First editor of the Philippine Engineering Journal
  • Geminiano de Ocampo - Renowned opthalmologist who set up the first eye hospital in the Philippines
  • Fe del Mundo - Renowned Filipina pediatrician and national scientist in the Philippines
  • Casimiro del Rosario - Foremost Filipino scientist, meteorologist, and astronomer
  • William D. Dar - First Filipino and first Asian to become the Director General of the ICRISAT since 2001


  • Arsenio T. Ella - Noted for his wood anatomy expertise
  • Jose Encarnacion, Jr. - Economist who pioneered the modern economics education in the Philippines
  • Rolu P. Encarnacion - First researcher to formulate and develop a mathematical model on storm surge prediction in the Philippines
  • Pedro Escuro - Foremost Filipino rice breeder
  • Josefa Eusebio - Recognized for her innovative and creative study to diminish malnutrition in the Philippines


  • Felicita R. Fojas - Commended for her research on chemistry and biological activity of medicinal plants
  • Francisco Fronda - Recognized as the Father of Poultry Science in the Philippines


  • Edito G. Garcia - Professor of Parasitology who has done numerous work on the fields of immunology and parasitology
  • Eusebio Garcia - First Asian winner of the International A. Cressy Morrison prize for Natural Science
  • Lourdes L. Garcia - Recognized for her significant research on the isolation and identification of the chemical constituents of Philippine plant drugs
  • Maria Paz Mendoza Guazon - The first woman doctor in the Philippines
  • Leon Maria Guerrero - The first licensed pharmacist in the Philippines
  • Luis Ma. Guerrero - Uncontested authority on tropical medicine
  • Rafael D. Guerrero - Recognized for his pioneering work on tilapia sex reversal technology
  • Ramon B. Gustilo - Orthopedic surgeon who invented the different hip and knee replacement systems



  • Bienvenido Juliano - National scientist who is noted for his research contributions on the improvement of rice quality in the country


  • Roman L. Kintanar - First Filipino to serve as President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)


  • Alfredo V. Lagmay - Conferred as National scientist for his studies in relation to experimental analysis of behavior
  • Ricardo M. Lantican - National scientist who is acknowledged for his work in plant breeding and genetics
  • Hilario Lara - Regarded as the father of modern public health in the Philippines
  • Lilian Lee - Neurologist who discovered the causes of a brain disorder known as Recessive Dystonia Parkinsonism
  • Bernadette D.L. Libranda-Ramirez - Won the 2003 search for the DOST-NRCP for her significant research in understanding the molecular epidemiology of hepatitis G virus infection in the Philippines
  • Clara Lim-Sylianco - Filipina National Scientist who is widely regarded for her contributions in the fields of biochemistry and organic chemistry

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