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The Filipino Nurses Support Group (FNSG) was founded in 1995 which organizes, educates, and mobilizes with non-practicing Filipino nurses in British Columbia to assert for their right to practice their profession and be liberated from domestic work.


FNSG was organized in 1995 by members of the Philippine Women Centre of British Columbia who were registered nurses in the Philippines but worked as domestic workers in Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) with an aim to unite themselves to empower their rights and tackle issues in a collective effort.


  • To deepen their understanding of their situation as Filipino nurses doing domestic work in Canada by studying Philippine history, the present economic crisis, and the roots of migration in the Philippines.
  • To arouse, organize and mobilize Filipino nurses to fight for their rights and welfare including:

a. outreach to other Filipino nurses doing domestic work; b. lobby for recognition of the nursing education and and training in the Philippines c. build alliances with progressive trade unions and other organizations supportive of their struggle.

  • To unite with other overseas migrant workers and other progressive groups who share the same aspirations as they have for the promotion of a just and humane society.


File:Fnsg activity.jpg
FNSG members during one of their activities
  • Outreach to Filipino nurses doing domestic work, caregiving,

and home support work in B.C.

  • Offer bi-weekly nursing exam review classes forFilipino nurses

preparing for the nursing board exam

  • Offer clinical lab workshops for Filipino nurses interested in

becoming familiar with clinical equipment used in most Canadian hospitals

  • Provide peer counselling, advocacy, and support for Filipino

nurses going through the accreditation process

  • Help process documents with Registered Nurses Association

of BC and relevent institutions in the Philippines, including the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC), Philippine nursing colleges and universities, and Philippine health employers

  • Hold regular information sessions on the step-by-step process

to become a Registered Nurse in BC

  • Help process waivers for TOEFL , TSE, and IELTS and

offer English language support classes

  • Raise public awareness on the issues faced by Filipino

nurses doing domestic, caregiving, and home support work in Canada

  • Lobby for the rights and welfare of Filipino nurses


FNSG research and publications are aimed at expressing the individual and collective experiences of Filipino nurses in Canada namely: segregation, de-skilling, stalled development and exploitation.

Among their researches are as follows:

  • Filipino Nurses Doing Domestic Work in Canada: A Stalled Development - executive summary
  • Revealing the presence of non-practicing Filipino Nurses in British Columbia - executive summary
  • Consultation Proceedings: Advancing the rights and welfare of non-practicing Filipino and other foreign-trained nurses - consultation backgrounder




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