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Superstitious beliefs and practices are observed throughout the Philippines. The following are some of them:

  • Pregnant women should not eat black food like adobong pusit or dinuguan lest their babies have dark skin.
  • If a visitor has to leave while others are still eating, the plates should be turned over so they do not meet an accident.
  • The table should not be cleared while an unmarried woman is still eating; otherwise, she will end up as an old maid.
  • If a fork is dropped, a male visitor will be coming; if it is a spoon, the visitor is a female.
  • If a pregnant woman eats twin bananas, she will have twin children.
  • As the New Year is welcomed, rice and salt containers should be full to ensure a prosperous year.
  • A single woman should not sing in front of the stove or else she might never marry.
  • A woman who sheds tears while peeling an onion will not get along well with her in-laws.
  • A "happy" crackling fire in a wood stove means someone close will come for a visit.
  • If you dream that your tooth (or teeth) fell out, it means a death will occur in the family. You must bite wood immediately after you wake up to negate the premonition.
  • Sweeping your floor at night means sweeping your good luck out of the house.
  • Resting your chin on your hand will drive your fortune away.
  • If you have been to a wake or a funeral, you must wash your hands in water heated with herbs or pass your hands through steam before you can touch a baby or a child. Traditionally, children are vulnerable not only physically but psychically. This practice is to prevent the taint of death from touching them and making them sick.
  • Storekeepers do not usually sell garlic, ginger or salt after evening falls. Doing so brings bad luck. Do
  • not praise a baby, especially how well it looks. It might get sick.
  • Do not stay in the doorway if there is a pregnant woman in the house. She will have a difficult delivery. • Do not sleep with your feet facing the door or the ghosts will get you easily.
  • Do not cut your nails at night. Your fingers will become ugly.
  • Don't cut your hair in the evening or else you will suffer headaches and become bald.
  • Don't clean your ears at night or else you will become deaf.


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