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Fernanda de Jesus is a painting in oil on canvas by Fernando Amorsolo. It is a portrait, best known as "Dalagang Filipina (translated: Filipina Lady).” The painter created the image with the aim to represent and celebrate an ideal example of Filipino womanhood.[1]

It was part of the private collection of Tony Nazareno.[2]


In this painting, the physical features of a Filipino woman are conveyed--softly rounded face with clear light brown rose-tinted complexion and a hint of a smile, framed with black hair. The subject also holds a tray of flowers that she seems to offer, which implies the Filipino woman's role is to give pleasure and offer services--all in all presenting herself as an offering fit for the entitled male.[1]

Other art experts say the portrait might symbolize a waiting nation, or is possibly a depiction of the Virgin Mary.[3]


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