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Fely Franquelli made her name known in the international dance scene in the 1930s. She was a dancer and a choreographer.

According to Salvador P. Lopez, she was a dancer who exuded the poise of a polished professional with the smoothness, the grace and the skill that come with confidence in oneself and with certitude of knowledge.


Listed below are some dances that she has created:

  • Hindu Temple Dance
  • White Eagle (Navajo)
  • Chinese Legend (about the goddess of beauty Ming Toy from Hainan)
  • Tabu (African)
  • Sacro Monte (a paso doble)
  • Bulerias (a flamenco from Malaga)
  • Gypsy Fortune Teller (a zambra in Granada)
  • Jarabe (Mexican)
  • Le Singe Qui Danse (a monkey dance)
  • The Beast
  • Planting Rice
  • Tinikling


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