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Felix Roxas y Arroyo, Sr. (born 1820- ) was the first Filipino architect, and a prominent member of the Roxas family. His father was Antonio Roxas and his mother was Lucina Arroyo. His brother was painter Felipe Roxas y Arroyo (1840-1899). He designed the Jesuit Church of San Ignacio when it was rebuilt in 1863 on Arzobispado Street in Intramuros.

He was trained in Europe in 1884 and spent his early career in England and India. He was the first Filipino architect.

When he returned to the Philippines, he developed an affection for Revivalist architecture. For the San Ignacio Church he imagined a new neoclassical building more in temper to the legacy of the Jesuits. Roxas commissioned the director of the Academia de Dibujo y Pintura, Agustin Saez to design the altars and pulpits. For the pulpit, ceiling and artesonado, he commissioned Isabelo Tampingco, the master sculptor. The church was begun in 1878 but was complete only in 1889, after his death. The church was destroyed during the battle of Manila in February 1945.

Another church that he designed was the neogothic Santo Domingo Church in Intramuros which he completed in 1875. The church was also destroyed in the Battle of Manila in February 1945. Many of the plans for these buildings survived because he asked his brother Felix draft the facades and interiors of most of his buildings.

Architect Roxas was the uncle of one of the richest Filipinos at that time, Don Pedro Pablo Roxas y Castro. He designed their mansion on Calle General Solano, in San Miguel, Manila. He was also the first cousin of Don Jose Bonifacio Roxas and the equally prominent Doña Margarita Roxas de Ayala, the mother of Carmen, who became Don Pedro's wife.

Don Felix married Concha Fernandez and they had twelve children, among them:

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