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This is a photo of a National Scientist, who received numerous awards because of her exemplary work in the field of pediatrics. Photo courtesy of National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).

Dr. Fe del Mundo (November 27, 1911- August 6, 2011) is a world renowned Filipina pediatrician and a national scientist in the Philippines.


Dr. Fe del Mundo is an alumna of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and Harvard University School of Medicine. Her exceptional intelligence has momentously made her to be the first Asian woman and the first Filipina to be accepted in the prestigious medical school.

It was in 1936 when she was chosen by former President Manuel Quezon to receive a fellowship program at the world's premiere medical school. She was also the first woman to become part of the traditionally all-male student body of Harvard Medical School. Due to her impressive academic records, the head of the Pediatrics Department saw no reason not to accept her.

She also studied and trained at Columbia University, University of Chicago, Boston University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Career and Contributions

Dr. Fe del Mundo has been known for her dedication to child care. Aside from doing research in different aspects of pediatrics, she also taught doctors, paramedics, and lay health workers the craft of child care. She also produced numerous publications on various medical subjects, especially on her specialization, pediatrics. Since 1941, Dr. Del Mundo has contributed more than 100 articles to medical journals in the U.S., Philippines, and India. She even designed a low-cost incubator using bamboo and other local materials.

Dr. Del Mundo is also an International Pediatric Association (IPA) awardee. In 1966, she received the Elizabeth Blackwell Award for her "outstanding service to mankind". In 1977, she was bestowed the Ramon Magsaysay Award for outstanding public service.

Dr. Del Mundo is the first Filipina to receive the National Scientist award in 1980.


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