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Fanny Serrano (1950 - 10 May 2022), born Felix Mariano Fausto Jr., was a makeup artist and businessman.

Early career

He started his career in the beauty industry as an assistant at a salon.[1] He was promoted to hairdresser and makeup artist after filling in for staff while they were on leave. He eventually broke into show business reportedly after doing the makeup of actress Celia Rodriguez.[2] He soon became a makeup artist to other celebrities such as Sharon Cuneta, who became a lifelong friend to Serrano.[3] After establishing a name in both the beauty and showbiz industries, he set up a chain of salons and a line of cosmetic products.


Serrano suffered a stroke in 2016 and eventually recovered. He suffered another stroke in March 2021, this time causing him to be put on life support. He was taken home after spending close to two months in the hospital.[4] On 10 May 2022, Serrano died in his sleep. He was 72.[5]