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Eugenia Guidote Puyat (b. January 3, 1907 - d. unknown) was an agriculturist, singer, banker, large-scale piggery enterpreneur, land developer, and sociocivic worker. She was a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, and Lieutenancy of the Catholic Women's League of Quezon City, where she was given the chairmanship of the social services committee, in which their main project was the Tatalon Estate.

Early Life

She came from a large family of four boys and nine girls. Puyat was the daughter of Dr. Valentin Guidote of Sampaloc, Manila and Vicenta Cecilio y Velarde of San Isidro, Nueva Ecija. In 1921, she studied at the Philippine Normal School Training department, where she graduated with the highest average. She as well graduated valedictorian from the Mapa High School in 1925. She took up Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in banking and finance and minor in accounting at the University of the Philippines in 1929. While she was on her third and fourth year in college, she worked in the People's Bank and Trust Company during the day, and studied at night. Even though she had tight schedules, Eugenia remained very active in extracurricular activities in school. During her freshmen year, she was the swimming champion, and became the tennis singles and doubles champion in her sophomore years. She also took part in several dramatic activities and became a member of the university folk dance team.

In December 1928, while still a senior student in college, she took the examination for Certified Public Accountant, and passed, placing third overall. On April 6, 1928, she took her oath as the third women Certified Public Accountant (CPA). From 1930 to 1933, she was elected the first treasurer of the Philippine Institute of CPA's. And in 1954, she graduated from the Holy Ghost College (now College of the Holy Spirit) with a bachelor's degree, specializing in voice culture.

Light of the Family

She was married to Gil J. Puyat, who was at first a businessman who later engaged in politics and became an elected senator and Senate President of the Philippines. Gil was her former classmate and fellow graduate from the University of the Philippines. They got married on February 10, 1935, gifted with five boys and two girls. All their children got married and overall she had thirty grandchildren.


  • Teacher in the Institute of Accountants, Business, and Finance (now called Far Eastern University), where she taught banking and finance. She was also accepting private auditing
  • Developer and Manager, Puyat Piggery at Paradise Farms and the Taktak Park in Antipolo, Rizal.
  • President, Eugenia Realty, Inc.
  • Board Member and Treasurer, Pasay City Development Bank.
  • President, ZONTA Club of Manila (two terms)
  • Officer, Artist's Guild of the Philippines
  • President, Jovita Fuentes Music Cultural Society (four terms) where she sponsored several operatic presentations and piano concerts of gifted but indigent scholars and artist.


  • Presidential Award of Merit as Women Agriculturist for the year 1968
  • Siver Cup Award as Outstanding Rotary Ann (1963-64)
  • Special award as outstanding Woman from the Community Chest of Greater Manila (1965)
  • Most Outstanding Mother of the Year from the Cultural and Professional Artists of the Philippines (1970)
  • Special Awardee as a Civic and Religious Mother from the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners (1971)
  • International Woman of the Year Award from the United Nations Association of the Philippines (1975)
  • Award of Merit as president for two terms from the ZONTA Club of Manila (1976)
  • Outstanding Treasurer Award from the Children's Museum and Library, Incorporated (1977) for sixteen years of service.

Charity Works

  • President, Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas, (1972), which takes care of about one hundred fifty infants and children.
  • President, Community Chest Foundation of Metropolitan Manila, (1974), which organized its thirty five beneficiary organizations through the council presidents.
  • Life member of the Civic Assembly of Women of the Philippines (1973), for her social welfare work.


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