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Engkwentro movie poster
Directed by Pepe Diokno
Produced by Pepe Diokno
Written by Pepe Diokno
Starring Felix Roco
Daniel Medrana
Eda Nolan
Zyrus Desamparado
Bayang Barrios
Jim Libiran
Celso Ad. Castillo
Release date(s) 2009
Running time 60 minutes
Country Template:Country flagicon2Philippines
Language Cebuano
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Engkwentro is a 2009 independent film directed by Pepe Diokno. This controversial feature film exposes alleged state-sponsored vigilante killings in southern Philippines. It is one of the finalists at the 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival, and the only Filipino film selected to compete at the prestigious 66th Venice International Film Festival.


Richard and Raymond are two teenage brothers. Richard is the leader of his gang, "Bagong Buwan," while Raymond is just being inducted into rival gang, "Batang Dilim." Complications arise at a deadly midnight engkwentro (clash), when Raymond is given the task of killing his older brother.

Meanwhile, the City Death Squad lurks the streets. This real-life vigilante group is allegedly backed by the city mayor and responsible for many unsolved murders of teen gangsters. Today, they are hunting down Richard. Will they take the younger brother, too?


  • "Engkwentro" is set against the backdrop of vigilante killings in southern Philippines, a problem investigated by the United Nations and the Philippine Commission on Human Rights.
  • The film is inspired by two brothers Pepe Diokno met at a detention facility in Davao. Their names were Richard and Raymond.
  • A 2,000 square meter slum area set was built for this movie to enable the long tracking shot.
  • Over 500 extras were employed for this film.
  • Sound design was done entirely in post-production.
  • The movie was shot over the course of three months in three different cities.
  • Shots were digitally pieced together to appear continuous.
  • This is Pepe Diokno's first feature film.


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