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El Renacimiento a newspaper during the early years of the American occupation of the Philippines. Edited by Teodoro M. Kalaw and Fidel Reyes, it published the famous “Aves de Rapiña” (Birds of Prey) editorial, attacking certain individuals for accumulating wealth from the natural resources of the Philippines.

Dean Conant Worcester, the American naturalist (and then serving as the Philippine Secretary of the Interior)felt that he was the person being alluded to in the article, and filed a libel suit against the publisher Martin Ocampo. Although no proper name was mentioned in the essay, nor was there any specific connection of the article to the person of Worcester, the American-influenced court found Kalaw, Reyes, and Ocampo guilty of libel and charged them with a 100,000 peso fine, forcing Ocampo to sell his newspapers (including the Tagalog version Muling Pagsilang), and auctioned his printing press. Martin Ocampo later founded the Renacimiento Filipino, but he never recovered from the costly libel suit and had to close again the newspaper after a few years.


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