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Economic Resource Center For Overseas Filipinos is non-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 12, 2003. They provide legal, business and financial planning services to assist primarily overseas Filipinos and basically anyone wishing to reside, do business or engage in some form of livelihood or enterprise in the Philippines.


Its vision and mission is through economically, politically and spiritually empowered Philippines that is sustained by developed local economies, and by the strategic use of the resources of its citizens locally and overseas and to provide programs and services that will enable overseas Filipinos to utilize and maximize their resources, skills, technologies, talents, human capital and other resources for more productive use in the migrants’ communities in the Philippines and overseas.


  • ERCOF Philippines will work for the development of local economies through:
  • Awareness raising and related activities that will encourage the culture of savings and the organized use of remittances, resources and human capital for more productive undertakings, for generating employment and livelihood, and for responsible citizenship
  • Advocacy and formulation of programs and facilities that will forge economic linkages between overseas Filipinos and their communities – leading to the development of local economies in the Philippines
  • Observance of the economic, socio-cultural and political rights of Filipino migrants
  • Identification and implementation of programs for economic cooperation between overseas Filipinos, local governments and other development actors so that capital build-up, enterprise development, employment creation and livelihood generation in the countryside are accelerated
  • Encouraging collaboration between and among migrant advocates groups, service organizations and support groups to come up with a concerted and solid front to promote and observe the socio-economic rights of overseas Filipinos.


  • Legal Services

Questions may be asked either by email, during an online discussion, or by post. Those without access to a computer may seek the assistance of any of ERCOF's focal or participating organizations in the different countries listed in our links page.

The ERCOF's website contains a discussion on specific Philippine legal issues that surveys have indicated to be the most frequently asked or encountered by overseas Filipinos. This section also includes questions or cases actually brought up in counseling sessions or asked online, and the responses or opinions offered by ERCOF legal pool who are specialists in various legal fields.

  • Business Services

Assist OFW's in their intention to venture into business or in any business-related assistance to aid in their financial investments.

Several private, government banking or financial, and school-based institutions in the Philippines offer not only the basic business training but also access to markets, business assistance, microfinance, and particularly in the case of NGOs, social and other related services that facilitate the OFW's reintegration process. These facilities must be fully utilized through: (1) public awareness campaigns and (2) introducing a system for integrating these existing facilities and linking the public, particularly OFWs to these services.

  • Financial Planning Services

ERCOF believes that financial planning is still possible regardless of one's level of income or need, through the promotion of a Culture of Resource Management or Personal Financial Literacy, which basically means planning for one's future and maximizing one's resources. These is made possible through projects concerning Capital Buildup, Health Coverage, Legal Counseling on Property Acquisition, and Property Reacquisition




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