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Eastern Samar (Waray-Waray: Sinirangan Samar; Template:Lang-tl) is a province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is the city of Borongan. Eastern Samar occupies the eastern portion of the island of Samar. Bordering the province to the north is the province of Northern Samar and to the west is Samar province. To the east lies the Philippine Sea, part of the vast Pacific Ocean, while to the south lies the Leyte Gulf.


Colonial period

During his circumnavigation of the globe, Ferdinand Magellan had set foot on the tiny island of Homonhon in the southern part of the province. On March 16, 1521, the area of what is now Eastern Samar is said to be the first Philippine landmass spotted by Magellan and his crew.[1][2][3]

Philippine-American War

Template:Further Maj. Eugenio Daza Area Commander of General Lukbán's forces for Southeastern Samar

Balangiga Encounter


On September 28, 1901 Filipino guerrillas led by Valeriano Abanador and Eugenio Daza in Balangiga ambushed American troops, killing 48 members of the US 9th Infantry. The incident triggered the infamous American retaliation March across Samar against the Samar populace and guerrillas.[3]

World War II

In 1944, combined Filipino-American troops involved in the liberation of the Philippines from Japan built in the town of Guiuan the largest military base in the Pacific. In the same town in 1949, approximately 5,000 Russian refugees escaping from communist China temporarily settled on Tubabao Island until 1951, when they were transferred to Australia and the United States.[2]

Independent province

Eastern Samar, as a province, was created from Samar province through Republic Act No. 4221 on June 19, 1965.[4] Congressmen Eladio T. Balite (1st Dist. Samar), Fernando R. Veloso (2nd Dist. Samar), and Felipe J. Abrigo (3rd Dist. Samar), authored Republic Act 4221 which was approved by Congress in 1963. The law, ratified in a plebiscite on June 19, 1965, divided Samar into three: Northern Samar, Eastern Samar and (Western) Samar.

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, made its first landfall in the coastal town of Guiuan in November 2013.[5]


Eastern Samar covers a total area of Template:ConvertTemplate:PSGC detail occupying the eastern section of Samar island in the Eastern Visayas region. The province is bordered to the north by Northern Samar and to the west by Samar. To the east lies the Philippine Sea, part of the vast Pacific Ocean, while to the south lies the Leyte Gulf.

Because it faces the Philippine Sea of the Pacific Ocean, Eastern Samar suffers heavily from powerful typhoons.[1]

Administrative divisions

Eastern Samar comprises 22 municipalities and one city, all encompassed by a single legislative district.

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City Template:Small municipalityTemplate:ThinspTemplate:Efn-lr Population Template:PSGC rubric AreaTemplate:PSGC detail Density
Template:SmallTemplate:PH census Template:SmallTemplate:PH census km2 sqTemplate:Thinspmi /km2 /sqTemplate:Thinspmi
Template:Coord Arteche Template:Percent and number 15,164 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 20
Template:Coord Balangiga Template:Percent and number 12,756 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 13
Template:Coord Balangkayan Template:Percent and number 9,046 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 15
Template:Coord Borongan Template:Percent and number 64,457 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 61
Template:Coord Can-avid Template:Percent and number 19,785 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 28
Template:Coord Dolores Template:Percent and number 37,912 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 46
Template:Coord General MacArthur Template:Percent and number 12,214 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 30
Template:Coord Giporlos Template:Percent and number 12,040 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 18
Template:Coord Guiuan Template:Percent and number 47,037 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 60
Template:Coord Hernani Template:Percent and number 8,070 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 13
Template:Coord Jipapad Template:Percent and number 7,397 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 13
Template:Coord Lawaan Template:Percent and number 11,612 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 16
Template:Coord Llorente Template:Percent and number 19,101 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 33
Template:Coord Maslog Template:Percent and number 4,781 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 12
Template:Coord Maydolong Template:Percent and number 13,614 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 20
Template:Coord Mercedes Template:Percent and number 5,369 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 16
Template:Coord Oras Template:Percent and number 34,760 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 42
Template:Coord Quinapondan Template:Percent and number 13,841 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 25
Template:Coord Salcedo Template:Percent and number 19,970 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 41
Template:Coord San Julian Template:Percent and number 13,748 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 16
Template:Coord San Policarpo Template:Percent and number 13,836 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 17
Template:Coord Sulat Template:Percent and number 15,184 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 18
Template:Coord Taft Template:Percent and number 17,183 Template:PAGR Template:Convert Template:Convert 24
Total 467,160 428,877 Template:PAGR 4,660.47 Template:Convert Template:Sigfig Template:Convert 597
Template:Color boxTemplate:ThinspProvincial capital and component city Template:Color boxTemplate:ThinspMunicipality




Template:Philippine Census

The population of Eastern Samar in the Template:PH wikidata was Template:PH wikidata people,Template:PH census with a density of Template:Convert. The predominant language is Waray[3] and it is the main lingua franca of the entire island of Samar.Template:Cn

In the 2000 Census, Warays comprised Template:Percent and number of the total provincial population of 375,124 at that time. Kapampangan came second at Template:Percent and number, Bisaya/Binisaya Template:Percent and number, Cebuano at Template:Percent and number, and Tagalog at Template:Percent and number.[6]

Template:Bar box


The people of the province are devoted Christians where a majority adhere to Roman Catholicism.[3] The dominant Catholic faith influences the events of the provincial education, politics and social functions of the people. Other Christians usually form the remaining groups of believers such as the Born-again Christians, Protestants, Iglesia Filipina Independiente or Aglipayan church, Jehovah's Witnesses, Iglesia ni Cristo, Baptists, Methodists, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Seventh-day Adventists. Non Christians (mostly Muslims) are also found.

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The province has one operational airport; Borongan Airport located in the capital city. Currently, only Leascor operates out of Borongan Airport with flights weekly to serve locals and tourists to and from Cebu.

Borongan City's Wilsam Uptown Mall, the largest shopping mall in the province

By land, mini buses and vans ply from the regional center in Tacloban City to some towns in Eastern Samar. From Borongan City, buses ply to Manila. Motorized boats plies through the Leyte Gulf ferrying passengers going to Tacloban City seaport.


Template:Stack Commercial activities in the province are centered on the provincial capital of Borongan City while tourism activities are centered in Guiuan town where Calicoan Island and the historical Homonhon Island are located.[3] Generally, the province's major economic resource is fishery and agriculture which include production of coconut, copra, corn, rice, sugar, and vegetables.[3] Tourism potential is untapped on the northern part of the province.



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