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Domingo Zabálburu de Echevarri (17th century – 18th century)[1] was the Governor-General of the Philippines from 8 December 1701 to 25 August 1709.[2]


Zabálburu de Echevarri was born into a family from Biscay. He offered 58,000 escudos to the royal government in exchange of being appointed as Governor-General of the Philippines in 1693. Amidst opposition from other officials due to his lack of experience, his request was granted through a royal decree of 18 September 1694. He went to Nueva España (Mexico) in January 1696 in order to go to the Philippines, however he was not able to continue with his travel as it was decided that the term of his predecessor Fausto Cruzat will be extended. As a result, the Council of Indies decided to compensate him and appoint him as mayor of Xicayan on 6 July 1696.

Since he was not able to occupy the position of governor-general, he requested to the Council on 15 March 1697 that the money he gave be refunded, although he began serving in Xicayan the day after. At his insistence, the Council consulted the royal government regarding his appointment on 14 July 1698. The Council then decided on 26 January 1699 not to give him the position of governor-general.


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