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The Department of Agriculture (DA) of the Republic of the Philippines is the department of the executive branch of the Philippine government tasked with overseeing the agriculture sector and implementing projects for its improvement and benefit. Willam Dar, a horticulturist, is the current secretary of the department.


Along with other offices and agencies, the Department of Agriculture and Manufacturing during the First Philippine Republic was established through a presidential proclamation by President Emilio Aguinaldo on 23 June 1898. Jose Alejandrino served as the department's first director.

In 1901, the Insular Bureau of Agriculture under the American colonial government was established in accordance with Act 271. Following the policy of diversification that was adopted under the American Sovereignty, efforts were given to developing agricultural crops and  improving the fishing, forestry, and mining facilities in the country.

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) took over the responsibilities of the Bureau of Agriculture in 1917, when Act No. 2666 was enacted.

During Rafael Alunan Sr.'s term (1928-1932), the DANR underwent a number of changes in its name and organization. The department was renamed the Department of Agriculture and Commerce. The different bureaus under the department also saw significant changes in their divisions and responsibilities under the different secretaries who headed the department, until President Ferdinand Marcos proclaimed Martial Law.

In 1964, Marcos approved Presidential Decree No. 461 dividing the DANR into two departments: the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture.

Goals and Responsibilities

The Department of Agriculture aims to increase farmers' income and reduce poverty in the Philippines by harnessing the country's agricultural potential towards economic growth.

The department implements a number of administrative orders and memos regarding the utilization and development of the Philippine's agricultural sector.

Secretaries and Department Heads

Since its establishment, the Department of Agriculture has been under the leadership of several department heads and secretaries, including:

  • Jose Alejandrino (1898-1899)
  • Leon Ma. Guerrero and Graciano Gonzaga (1899)
  • Frank Lamson-Scribner (1902)
  • W.C. Welborn (1904)
  • George E. Nemson (1907)
  • Frederick Taylor (1911-1914)
  • Adriano Hernandez (1914-1917)
  • Galicano Apacible (1917-1921)
  • Rafael Corpuz (1921-1923)
  • Silvestre Apostol (1923-1928)
  • Rafael Alunan, Sr. (1928-1932)
  • Vicente Singson Encarnacion (1933-1934)
  • Mariano Garchitorena (1946-1948)
  • Placido Mapa (1948-1950; 1953)
  • Fernando Lopez (1950-1953)
  • Salvador Araneta (1953 to 1955)
  • Juan Rodriguez (1955-1960)
  • Cesar Fortich (1960-1961)
  • Jose Longsin (1961)
  • Benjamin Gozon (1962-1963)
  • Jose Feliciano (1963-1965)
  • Fernando Lopez (1965-1971)
  • Arturo Tanco (1971-1984)
  • Salvador Escudero III (1984-1986; 1996-June 1998)
  • Ramon Mitra, Jr. (1986-1987)
  • Carlos Dominguez (1987-1989)
  • Senen Bacani (1989-1992)
  • Roberto Sebastian (1992-1996)
  • William Dar (June 1996-May 1999)
  • Edgardo Angara (May 1999-January 2001)
  • Domingo Panganiban (January-February 2001)
  • Leonardo Montemayor (February 2001-December 2002)
  • Luis Lorenzo Jr. (December 2002-August 2004)
  • Arthur Yap (August 2004-July 2005; October 2006-March 2010)
  • Domingo Panganiban (July 2005-October 2006)
  • Bernie Fondevilla (March 2010-June 2012)
  • Proceso J. Alcala (June 2012-present)
  • Emmanuel Piñol (June 30, 2016-August 5, 2019)
  • William D. Dar (August 5, 2019- )


The different bureaus that make up the Department of Agriculture are the following:

  • Agricultural Training Institute
  • Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Products Standards
  • Bureau of Animal Industry
  • Bureau of Agricultural Research
  • Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
  • Bureau of Plant Industry
  • Bureau of Post Harvest Research and Extension
  • Bureau of Soils and Water Management




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