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Directed by Robert Quilao
Written by Artemio Abad, Jr.
Eric Cabahug
Starring Nash Aguas
Katrina Legaspi
Nova Villa
Noel Trinidad
Johnny Delgado
Laurice Guillen
Michael V.
Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales
Music by Jesse Lasaten
Distributed by Cutting Edge Productions
Release date(s) 2008
Country Template:Country flagicon2 Philippines
Language Tagalog
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Dayo (Wanderer) is a full-length animated film by Cutting Edge Productions. It reinvents ghastly images of Philippine mythical creatures into heartwarming characters in a young boy's adventure. This $1.3 million (roughly Php58 million) production composed of over 500 local animators features a “tra-digital animation” technique using paperless 2D and 3D technologies. It has 2D animation for its characters and 3D animation for the backdrops.

The production team of Dayo spent several months developing the story, mood, and the whole package of the animation. While writing the script, the writers consulted a book on local mythology by Maximo Ramos entitled Creatures of Philippine Lower Mythology. Compared to the usual three-year completion of a traditional full-length animation, this film aimed to be finished within a short span of two years.

Dayo is written by Artemio Abad, Jr. and Eric Cabahug and directed by Robert Quilao. It is among the eight movies (and the first of movie of its kind) that will be screened during the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2008.


Dayo is a story about the magical adventure of an 11-year old kid named Bubuy who embarks on a journey to save his abducted grandparents from the land of Elementalia. Along the way, Bubuy meets a teen manananggal named Anna Manananggirl who helps him find the missing grandparents. With his new friend, Bubuy finds Elementalia—the magical land that hosts strange flora and fauna, and mystical creatures from Philippine mythology.


The Making

Dayo is a film that features a blend of old and new animation techniques referred to as “tra-digital animation.” In this process, the original drawings done by hand are executed directly onto the computer screen. It has 2D animation for its characters and 3D animation for the backdrops powered by Toon Boom using Macintosh and Linux platforms.

While working on the characters, the production team of Dayo already thought of the actors who would play the roles. They had Pokwang as the manananggal yaya of Ana. In place of GMA-7 news anchor Mike Enriquez, the team hired a voice talent named Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales whose voice sounds like the real one. They conducted auditions for the lead roles of Bubuy and Anna.

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