Datu Akadar Revolt

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Datu Amai Pakpak, also known as Datu Akadir Akobar, led the Muslim defenders in Fort Marawi in both the 1891 assault by Spanish Governor General Valeriano Weyler and the 1895 invasion of Governor Ramon Blanco. Amai Pakpak died fighting the 5,000 Spanish troops in 1895.

He lost the battle in 1891 but they continued launching raids against the Spaniards for four years. They rebuilt their forts during this time.

Governor-General Valeriano Weyler occupied Parang, Malabang in 1889 and pursued a military campaign against the Iranun and Maranaos. However, the Spaniards encountered a strong resistance from Amai thus temporarily halting the campaign in September 1891. Ramon Blanco replaced Weyler as the Governor-General in 1895 and revived the campaign. This was the end of Amai Pakpak who perished on 10 March 1895 in Marahui( now Marawi City).