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Crispin is the youngest son of Sisa in Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and was one of the sacristans of the convent in the town of San Diego. His disappearance was one of the reasons why his mother lost her sanity.


Crispin is a thin, timid boy aged 7 years old. He wears tattered clothes. He is Sisa's favorite as he often talks about silly things. He has large, thoughtful eyes that brought smiles to his mother's lips.

Character description

Crispin is very afraid of the harsh treatment he receives as well as the accusations that he is a thief. He becomes regretful for not stealing the money he is accused of especially when he thought of the comforts it would bring. He is said to be smarter than his brother as the latter had plans of sending him to study in Manila in the future after being taught by Pilosopong Tasio.

Role in the novel

Crispin and his brother, Basilio were introduced in Chapter 15. He is a sacristan who had been accused of stealing two gold pieces by the senior sacristan. Although he had implored his older brother to pay for the said amount, the latter refuses as their mother would have nothing to eat. He had not been eating and he misses his mother for he had not gone home since the money disappeared. He was last seen being dragged away from his brother after pealing the bells. When his mother visited him, he is said to have run away.


Crispin represents the innocents who have been wrongly accused of the crime they did not commit. The injustice they suffered under the hands of the authorities during their time were silenced by their deaths and the cover-ups that follow it.


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