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Cimmarons are found in Buhi Isarog, Iriga and Caranwan, all of the Camarines Sur, Bicol Region numbering to 9,187. Being the offspring of intermarriages between the Aeta and the Malays (Bicolanos), they have dark brown skin color. Only a few of them have curly hairs. They are multilingual, being able to speak their Cimmaron language, Bicol, and Tagalog.

Their houses which are protected from enemies by means of mantraps or sharpened stakes which are carefully camouflaged and hidden in the paths leading to their homes, are also provided with items such as coonut shells, bamboo implements, clay pots, and weapons.

The men's attire are limited to the G-string while the women wear a type of skirt which covers the hips down a portion just above the knees.

Polygamy is an accepted practice. The woman is sold or purchased at an average price of ten bushknives to ten dollars in cash. (Jagor, Reisin, p.171). During the marriage, the father of the bride gives a banquet during which much coconut palm wine is drunk.

They believe in the existence of spirits, which they keep from doing harm by offering them food and betel chew. Sometimes, a ritual practitioner goes into a trance to communicate with the spirits.




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