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Chinonovela, sometimes spelled as Tsinovela, is a popularized term in the Philippines that refers to television series that are produced in the Chinese language. It came from the words "Chinese" or "China" and "novela" from the word "telenovela". Alongside other telenovelas from Asia such as Japanovela, Jdorama, Koreanovela and even Mexicanovela, the roots of Chinovela before it became a widely used term in the Philippines can also be traced back to local internet forums.

Popularity in the Philippines

The new millennium introduced the Chinovela, which are actually soap operas from Taiwan. Filipino young audiences went crazy over F-4, a very popular group from Taiwan which were the stars of the most popular Chinovela, Meteor Garden. Since they were Chinese, the Filipino tv production and audiences alike came to call it Chinovela lumping altogether images of the modern urban Chinese culled from the Taiwan soap making no distinction of Taiwanese from mainland Chinese. Meteor Garden is an original Japanese anime with the title, Hana Yori Dango. It was adopted as a drama series in Taiwan and exported to other Asian countries such as the Philippines. The popularity of the Chinovela Meteor Garden can also be attributed primarily to the pop group F-4 not only as tv actors and singers but also as product endorsers of the global softdrink company Pepsi. After Meteor Garden, Chinovelas dominated Philippine primetime television. Eventually, Chinovelas replaced the Mexicanovela as the leading foreign soap opera in the country. [1]

Included in the [List of programs broadcast by ABS-CBN list of programs currently being broadcasted by ABS-CBN] are Mischievous Princess and Wanted: Perfect Husband while GMA Network currently airs Fated to Love You in Philippine primetime television.

Chinovelas aired in the Philippines

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