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Cesar Mendoza is a dancer, teacher and choreographer.

His early dance lessons were with Ricardo Cassell and Remedios de Oteyza. He then went abroad to further his studies in ballet, modern dance and jazz.

He taught dance at the Philippine Women's University and other schools in the country. He also taught in the United States at the International Dance School (1973-77); the Farnworth and Hauer School of Dance; the Puerto Rican Dance Theater in New York; the New York Dance Ensemble (1969); Dance Nouveau in New Jersey (1973), Dance Masters of America (1974); and the American Dance Center School and Ballet Company in Illinois since 1977.

He founded Ballets Albuquerque in 1973, and has worked for hotel productions in Europe.


  • Etude Moderne
  • Sandpaper Ballet
  • Ha'llucinations
  • Jilted
  • By the Hillside
  • Classical Symphony (1961)
  • The Book of Job (1966)
  • Ecole de Ballet (1968)
  • Divertissements (1968)
  • Difficult Years (1968)


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