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Cavite is a 1964 painting by Marciano Galang. It is in oil on canvas with assemblage of discarded objects such as a can, burlap and shoes.[1][2] It is part of the Ateneo Art Gallery Collection.[1]


Done on canvas measuring 198cm x 147cm, the painting has more sculptured or assemblage found materials than paint.[1]

History and context

Cavite was painted by Galang when he was only 19. Since Galang used to do "abstract painting", this artwork was the first of its style in the local art scene.[1]

The mixed media work earned Galang a certificate of merit in the Shell National Students Art Competition. It also highlighted Galang’s fascination with found objects as well as his talent for making common everyday objects become more than mundane.[3]

Cavite was the first artwork acquired through the Fernando Zobel Purchase Fund, which was founded in 1965.[4]


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