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Painting is generally understood to mean visual representations using pigments on a ground, whether a wall, panel or more often canvas. While pigments were used to decorate houses, sailing vessels, implements in pre-colonial times, the art of painting was introduced by Spanish missionaries as early as the 16th century. With the techniques of Western painting came its traditions and iconography. From the 16th to the early 19th century, painting was strongly influenced and dominated by the by the Roman Catholic Church. As principal patron it organized artists drawn from the ranks of the religious orders and from Chinese and native talents whom the friars and missionaries taught through example or through the use of visual examples, like engravings, books, paintings and statuary.

It is not surprising that early paintings had religious subjects and that they were almost always anonymous. Anonymity had a long tradition in the West, broken definitively during the Renaissance.

With a long list of great Philippine Painters, both locals and visitors from abroad will surely be mesmerized and awed by the unique and creative works of Filipinos. Landscape, portrait or abstract painters--name it and the Philippines has it. Feast your eyes on these glimpses of some classic masterpieces.

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