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The growing number of Philippine government agencies/departments/units that have their own websites warrants that we, in this community, put in the links to them. This portal serves as a directory of these websites. The websites have a short introduction on each of them. Furthermore, for ease of surfing, these websites have been categorized:

Branches of the Government

  • Executive Branch - This lists down the different departments of the Executive branch of the Philippine government
  • Congress - This is the listing for the websites officially related to the Philippine legislature.
  • Legislative - This lists down the officially related websites to the Philippine Judiciary.

Executive Branch

  • Official website of the Republic of the Philippines. It features late-breaking news and official media releases of the government, as well as a government directory. The Forum is its crown jewel, featuring one of the liveliest and most widely participated forum in all of Philippine internet, with more than 85,000 registered users, 28,000 topic threads and 112,000 posts. It has an option to switch to a Filipino language interface, but unfortunately there are very few articles in our national language. Shouldn't we doing more to communicate government policies and info in our own language? Even its general info page is available only in English!

Government Departments

  • The Department of Health (DOH) official website. An important guide for the common Pinoys on the current state of health of the Filipinos. This site also gives advisories on health related issues, policies, programs for the poor Pinoy, availability of free medicines, and contains FAQs, a Forum for discussion, etc. This is a place to go even when you're not sick and want to keep from being sick!
  • The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) official website. Let's visit this site to learn of the government's program to protect and preserve the environment. Is the government doing enough to protect our environment? What is its campaign against illegal loggers? This website also includes a directory of their key officials, activities, programs, laws and policies, and requirements for permits and licenses.
  • The Department of Education (DepEd) official website. This includes the department's history, directory of key officials, advisories on typhoon holidays, current news on biddings and contracts, their program for out of school youths, facts and figures about the department, policies, and memoranda.
  • The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) official website. This site features news and the current state of affairs of Philippine trade and industry, as well as government assistance for aspiring entrepreneurs and scholarly publications to help those starting a business on food processing, farming, husbandry, etc. It also offers help in one way or another on exporting goods to other countries. This site also contains directory of officials and an online business registration.
  • The Department of Finance (DOF) official website. This site includes the department's profile, e-service center, statistics, fiscal updates, e-bidding, as well as useful links to its different agencies and sub-departments like the BIR and the Bureau of Customs.
  • The Department of Justice (DOJ) Official Website. An important guide for the common people on the justice system in the Philippines. It includes history and info about the department, interesting opinions of the secretary (Gonzales) on many legal issues, a bail bond guide, rules on appeals, directory of public attorney's offices, and many many more to help those seeking legal advice and what-not.
  • The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) official website. What is the plight of the common Pinoy worker? What's the current state of employment (or rather unemployment) of Pinoys? This site includes a search engine for all info about the department, job finder for people looking for jobs, news archives, advisories, FAQs, a Calendar of Events, downloadable forms, applications, invitations to bidding, and much more.
  • The Department of Tourism (DOT) official website. This is the site recommended for travelers, in case one plans on spending a vacation in one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippine archipelago. In this website, you will find a calendar of festivals, a guide to exploring the Philippines, travel packages, hotel accommodations, and a lot more that will help you discover the beauty and wonder of the Philippines.

Official Websites of Provincial Governments











  • Official Supreme Court Electronic Library This electronic legal portal is truly a jewel with its full-text access, search engine, historical vignettes of the justices, and speedy delivery of major Supreme Court decisions. In some instances even, decisions for high profile cases are uploaded within a few hours, but never beyond its self-imposed 48-hour deadline. Go here not just for Supreme Court decisions but also for legal research on the entire Judiciary - the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Sandiganbayan, Court of Tax Appeals, Regional Trial Courts, Metropolitan Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts and Shari'a Courts. However, user registration is required to get the full range of services.

Legislative Branch

  • Official website of the Senate of the Philippines Contains a legal database of resolutions and bills called "Legislative Information System", senate committee schedules, transcriptions, news, and compact biographies of all present and previous senators, going back to the 4th legislature.
  • Official website of the House of Representatives Contains the latest news and press releases, links to Congress webmail and the official website of the Philippine government. Its directory lists the following resources: House Bills and Resolutions, Republic Acts, Legislative Researches, House Journals, Policy Papers, House Rules and Committees, and photographs. Contains biographies of congressmen of the 13th and 14th Congress, with a nifty feature listing all the individual bills that each congressman has sponsored or authored. What happened to the members of the 1st to 12th Congress? Forgotten already?

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