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Elementary, grade school--call it what you will, but this period of our lives usually signals the beginnings of understanding the world, as well as comprehending the following essential things: we should not answer back at the teacher; it is a no-no to give in to calls of nature inside the classroom; writing in print is for babies--cursive is the way to go; homework must be submitted lest we get a slap on our open palms with the teacher's ruler; recess is all-important, and; it is not spelled "kokomban", but coupon bond.

In all seriousness, though, the experience of going through Philippine elementary school is priceless. The number of elementary schools in the country greatly outnumbers the number of secondary education institutions, and this sheer quantity of elementary education institutions attests to the fact that the Philippines holds education at a high premium. Moreover, given the effort of Philippine education to ride on the cyberspace era, different elementary schools are attaining a presence in the Web. Hereunder, therefore, is a list of Philippine Elementary School Websites. If your elementary school isn't listed here, feel free to help Wikipilipinas and add it.

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