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1.) RED ROOT ARTISTS COOPERATIVE - Creative Cooperation – Red Root is the FIRST Artists' Cooperative in the Philippines. Our cooperative offers diverse field of expertise in innovative design, audio-visual communications and marketing strategy development. Anchored in its most basic principles, Red Root has drawn its distinct fuse of artistry, passion and teamwork by engaging into a strong business model of cooperativism.

For more information please visit: Red Root Official Website

A cooperative is an association of persons with common bond of interest, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a lawful common social and economic end. Cooperatives aim to make equitable contributions to the capital required and accepts a fair share of the risks and benefits of the undertaking in accordance with universally accepted cooperative principles. In the Philippines, cooperatives are registered with the Cooperative Development Authority.

Cooperatives in the country are of two types: Primary cooperatives which are membership-based and characterized more as POs, while secondary and tertiary cooperatives which refer to regional or national federations providing support services to their primary members. They are usually considered NGOs.

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