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Canal de la Reina is a novel by Liwayway Arceo published in 1985. It portrays the social disparity between the rich and the poor, and how the former are corrupted by greed.[1][2][3]


The novel revolves around the domineering figure of Nyora Tentay (Nyora is short for Senyora), who seems to be the queen of Canal de la Reina. She is the matriarch of the Marcial family, consisting of her son Victor, Victor's wife Gracia, and their son Gerry.[1][2][3]

The Marcials are rich but their family is steeped in misunderstanding and disorder due to Nyora Tentay who controls the actions of Victor and his family. Aside from suppressing her own kin, she also abuses her fortune by lending to the poor with high interest rates. In contrast to the Marcials, the de los Angeles family is an epitome of a good family. Salvador, Caridad and their children Leni and Junior have no qualms about their relationship with each other.

The families collide when Nyora Tentay buys off a piece of land owned by the De los Angeles family at Canal de la Reina from its former caretaker. Caridad asserts her right but does not resort to violence while Nyora Tentay bribes officials and the police to maintain her claim. When a flood wipes out the structures at Canal de la Reina, and Caridad gets hold of Nyora Tentay's documents, she returns the papers rather than use them against her enemy. Due to this, Nyora Tentay gives way. The happy ending is furthered by Leni and Gerry's wedding.


Experts note that this book was Arceo’s response to the call for “commited writing” in the 1970s, joining a long list of Filipino writers who used literature to write about the country’s turmoil.[4] She was not previously known as a writer who tackled political themes or for work that would paint her countrymen’s bloody struggle for radical societal change.

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