Cadena de Amor

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Cadena de Amor is a lost student tradition of the University of the Philippines. It was introduced in 1934 by Ursula U. Clemente, one of the first UP Deans of Women. It was inspired by the Daisy Chain Rite of Vassar College. The annual ritual gathered both junior and senior year coeds who linked themselves in massive human chains by passing cadena de amor garlands. The ritual symbolized the turning over of responsibilities from seniors to juniors. The ritual was well loved and was called "the festival of girls and flowers".

The student reception changed radically in the 1960s when UP students began to question the relevance of such traditions especially against the turbulent and violent times. Many viewed the ritual as degrading, since it had passed from being an annual leavetaking ceremony to a beauty contest. Because it was seen as "burgis" or bourgeois, the ritual was last held in 1968--a year that led to the turbulent events of the First Quarter Storm.



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