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Philippine Business and Economy

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The Economy of the Philippines has propelled the country to becoming one of the emerging tiger economies in South-East Asia. In 2004, it was ranked as the 24th largest economy by the World Bank according to purchasing power parity. The Philippines is one of the emerging markets in the world.

Important sectors of the Philippine economy include agriculture and industry, particularly food processing, textiles and garments, and electronics and automobile parts. Most industries are concentrated in the urban areas around metropolitan Manila. Mining also has great potential in the Philippines, which possesses significant reserves of chromite, nickel, and copper. Recent natural gas finds off the islands of Palawan add to the country's substantial geothermal, hydro, and coal energy reserves.

2006 Figures

In 2006, the Philippine economy expanded at a rate of 5.4%, faster than the previous year. The government plans to increase the country's GDP by 7% in 2007, although official projection is around 6.1%-6.7%. It also aims to grow the economy by 9% in 2009, as part of the projected target of the government via enhanced public investment to attract foreign capital as well as improved domestic improvement.


  • Finance
      • Banks
      • Pawnshops
      • Insurance systems
      • Rural banks
      • Cooperatives
      • Insurance systems
    • Bank executives
    • Livestock
    • Plant industry
    • Fishery
    • Companies
      • Multinational
      • Local
    • Government institutions
    • Factories
    • Plants
    • Airports
    • Airlines
    • Ports
    • Sea liners/ferry transport
    • Rail transport*
    • Public transport
    • Communications companies
    • Postal communications
    • IT Companies
    • Government monitoring institutions
    • Nursing

Economy under various Administrations

  • The economy before Martial Law
  • The economy under President Marcos
  • The economy after Martial Law
  • Economic Reforms under President Ramos
  • The economy under President Estrada
  • The economy under President Macapagal-Arroyo

Statistics per year

  • GNP
  • GDP
  • The Peso
  • Inflation
  • Production

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