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Buno ("to throw" in Tagalog.[1]) is a style of Filipino wrestling like dumog.

Harimaw buno, formerly harimaw lumad (King of Tiger Wrestling), is a style of buno used by the Mangyans of Mindoro and the Aetas of Infanta, Quezon.[2]

Buno usually uses standing throws, control locks, joint manipulation, striking, take-downs and ground wrestling techniques,[3]

There is also an armed style of buno. Weapons that the practitioner can use are knives, spears and bow and arrows. The main weapon used is the lubid or a four-feet long rope.[2]

Training utilizes mud training, canoe training, tamaraw wrestling, log training and tree climbing.[3]

Nagpambuno came from this root word, the meaning is to resist, or grab something from another's grasp.

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