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Buhay Pilipino a popular cartoon serial in the Liwayway during the 1950s and 1970s. The series was originally created by Mars Ravelo.

Buhay Pilipino mirrored the typical Filipino family of the 1950s, as it satirized Filipino mores and culture through the use of komiks panels. The presentation of familiar family characters endeared the strip to the Filipino readers. Originally written by Mars Ravelo, the series was later taken over by Pat Justimbate and Andres Cristobal Cruz. From 1990 up to some years past 2000, Liwayway Magazine made a remake of this Mars Ravelo's classic komiks retitled Buhay Pinoy, written by Perry Manginlaya and illustrated by Alfred Manuel. Almost all characters from the original Buhay Pilipino were revived like Mang Sebyo, Aling Tinay, Lola Belay, Ketty, and Gorio and Tekla, the two funniest couple who are always featured in the komiks strips. After Liwayway Magazine was sold by Manila Bulletin and a few issues under the new owner, Buhay Pinoy was ended. Its writer and illustrator made a new komiks title inspire by the Buhay Pinoy, entitled Ugaling Pinoy.


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