Bituing Walang Ningning (komiks)

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Bituing Walang Ningning is a komiks serial (Filipino comics serial) written by Nerissa Cabral. The story came out in Pilipino Komiks, the first komiks magazine created by Tony Velasquez for Ace Publications, Inc., from 1984 - 1985. The title translates roughly as "The Star Without Shine".

Plot summary

The story is about the rivalry of the singing sensation Lavinia Arguelles and her number one fan, Dorina Pineda. Dorina gave Lavinia flowers, watched Lavinia's shows and basically followed the singer everywhere. However, Dorina was also a talented singer and soon became as famous as Lavinia. To complicate things, Lavinia's boyfriend, Nico Escobar, fell in love with Dorina. In the end, Dorina would be more popular than Lavinia, and Lavinia would find herself alone in the spotlight as Dorina and Nico lived their life together.

Movie adaptation

The original komiks was adapted into a movie with the same title "Bituing Walang Ningning" in 1985 by Viva Films. The movie was a blockbuster hit, and starred Sharon Cuneta (as Dorina Pineda), Cherie Gil (as Lavinia Arguelles), and Christopher de Leon (as Nico Escobar).

The movie is also the source of one of Philippine cinema's most recognized lines: "You're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!" (Lavinia to Dorina), a line that was also used in the recently produced, popular teleserye in ABS-CBN of the same title.


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